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Obesity At A Glance

Obesity is a progressive, chronic condition, similar to diabetes or high blood pressure, which is characterized by abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that may impair health. This disease is prevalent worldwide. The CDC concluded that 40% of the US population had obesity in 2015. In the same year in Canada, 28.1% or more than 1 in 4 adults in Canada had obesity.

We live in an obesogenic environment that makes it difficult to maintain a healthy weight. This can be attested to by the 24/7 availability of inexpensive, quick food; relentless marketing; our natural human attraction to fatty, sweet and salty tastes; trend towards less home cooking and increase in processed foods and restaurants; supersized portions; sugar added to previously unsweetened products; a move from physical jobs to sedentary ones; a proliferation of screen based entertainment; hormonal disruption from too little sleep or shift work.

People most often make changes when they decide to do so, not when told to do so. What is your motivation? 

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A combination of genetic, biological, personality and environmental factors lead to obesity.


- Diabetes

- Cancers

- High cholesterol

- High blood pressure

- Joint pain

- Stroke

- Blood clots in lungs

- Gout

- Abnormal heart rhythms

- Heartburn

- Kidney stones

- Gallbladder disease

- Fatty liver

- Depression

- Skin and lung infections

- Erectile dysfunction

- Lowers pregnancy chances

- Dying younger


This is a lifelong partnership with a short term heavy push to get you to see the best version of yourself. We promise to be your health advocates for life.

The most important quality of a weight loss plan is adherence levels. As such, this plan is fully individualized to maximize patient satisfaction and adherence. We use Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as a core part of the program.

The 3 pillars of care include Eat Well, Stay Active and Enjoy Life.

Weight loss medications and bariatric surgery are adjunctive treatments.

Benefits of Weight Loss

A modest 5-10% weight loss that is maintained long-term, leads to significant benefits in a majority of the conditions associated with obesity.

Regardless of any weight lost, by incorporating the principles set in this plan into your daily life, patients will benefit from increased self-esteem, self-confidence, body image, energy levels, sexual vigor, longevity, quality of life, happiness, and better sleep.